Here Goes Nothin’…

I was told months ago to start a blog but the idea of someone reading my writing and inevitably having an opinion about how I live my life, how I often make quick and offensive judgments about people, or even my sometimes poor grammar usage makes me literally feel the acid churning in my stomach.  So here’s to stepping out of a comfort zone that has served me well the past twenty-two years of my life but has flat out refused to give me the life that I really want. 

A month ago I donned a hideously shapeless graduation gown only to be handed a diploma that comes with no manual on how to enter into the “real world” (not sure what other world I was living in pre-graduation, but I suppose that is besides the point).  In truth I haven’t even received the actual piece of paper stating what I did for the past four years of my life, so all I have is a nice check mark on my hypothetical list of life goals.  What next?  A nervous tick that causes me to check and re-check Craigslist for new job postings every five minutes and this blog that may be nothing more then a place for my friends and family to read things that I wouldn’t normally say aloud.  At least now my assignments are my own and if I happen to sleep in past 8:30 on a Monday it can be my own damn business.

So blogger world I’m all yours.  Feel free to make all the judgments you wish, but please be kind.  There is only so much a recovering perfectionist can handle.


16 responses

  1. Welcome to the blogging world :)! I too graduated about a month ago and the whole checking Craigslist every 5 minutes thing is so true! I even added it to my google reader so I wouldn’t miss anything.

  2. Right on! I know how you feel after graduation looking for a job. It can be frustrating! Good luck to you in your writing endevours! Maybe I should fire up the blog again! 🙂

  3. Hey, Mikayle! 🙂 I hope that this new outlet helps constantly improve what you want from writing and serves as an avenue to sort all the rest out. If there is anyone that understands the job hunt… it’s me. Your writing style seems honest. If it’s anything like Chelsea’s… well, we’ll just say it’s honest ha. I am now a fan of the blogging world of Kayle. Good luck, bud!

  4. I think after a while you’ll find it freeing. You can say what you Really think and you much more likely to have people understand and agree than you think.

    Stumbled across you from 20sb, which I think was a good call to join if you want to gain readers. Heck, you already have a better start on taht than I do. 🙂

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