The Things I’ll Do For a Buck

I had a job interview yesterday.  The morning began with me ransacking my closet for that perfect “hire me on the spot” outfit and ended with my mother telling me that leggings and a sweater that barely covered my ass was probably not appropriate.  To this I told her that I wouldn’t want to work for a company that didn’t allow me to wear said outfit and that I would hold out for another job if they were going to be so strict about my fashion sense.  Although I did change the outfit (that damn perfectionist in me isn’t so good with making a statement), I silently vowed to myself that I would not let the promise of a steady paycheck compromise my idea of what is or is not good for me.

In leaving the company’s fantastically hip office yesterday after a speedy interview (not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing…) I began to think about all of the jobs that I had pushed for in the past and all of the interviews that I would undoubtedly sweat through in the future. 

After high school and a dramatic decision to not join the ranks of alcohol induced hipsters at the University of Colorado Boulder, I found a job as a para-educator for special needs kids at an elementary school.  Sitting at the principal’s desk as he perused my resume that seemed to just shout “INEXPERIENCED!!” felt odd considering that a few months earlier I was merely a student myself.  I was as shocked as perhaps some of my future colleagues were when he called me a few days later to tell me that I had been hired.  Ecstatic and horrifically nervous at the same time, I attempted to help some of the best kids I had ever met navigate their way through a world that just wasn’t conducive to their abilities.  I loved it- and broke down when I left.

When I finally bucked up and went along with society’s plan of getting a college education BEFORE entering the “serious” workforce I thought that I might try my hand at being a restaurant hostess on the side.  I guess I had forgotten that the one other time I had attempted this seemingly easy feat I had walked out sobbing the first day.  This time I was hired at Chili’s- where I thought I might make some bosom buddies and have a little fun (think Waiting without all the perversion).  I promptly realized that I just don’t like waiting on people.  Period.  One day a woman came in in a wheel chair.  In my attempt to be logistically intelligent I attempted to seat her at a table where a regular chair could just be replaced with her wheelchair.  She then proceeded to yell at me (in front of other customers mind you) that I should have sat her at one of the raised booths.  I smiled broadly and tried with all of my might to bite my tongue.  I quit against the chiding of an acquaintance that got me the job in the first place.  “Don’t burn any bridges,” she said to me.  This, I had thought, was a bridge I would set on fire myself.

The next four years I spent as a nanny, caring for a wide variety of ages and figuring out all of the reasons why I wouldn’t want kids anytime soon.  This venture, however, created a hodge podge of stories too fantastically awkward and rewarding to put into one blurb.  It deserves a blog all its own.  So I’ll just call this part one of my venture into being a working girl–and an exploration of the things I will and will not do for a buck or two.


5 responses

  1. Hello Perfectionist,

    I remember demonstrating LG vacuum cleaners for a few months during university to help generate some cash flow. THAT was a sexy job. I used to dread the thought of anyone I knew coming into the department store and seeing me slouching amongst the white goods.

    Are you after a writing-related job? Good luck with the recent interview!

    All the best,

    PS You left a comment on one of my recent posts EXACTLY at the same time I was reading one of your other entries. Spooky!

    • I suppose great minds think alike! 🙂

      I can TOTALLY relate to having those jobs where you just cross your fingers that nobody you know will see you. I don’t think I would be very good at demonstrating vacuum cleaners!

      Yes, a writing job would be fantastic. But I’m leaving the door open to ANYTHING that would make me happy fulfilled.

  2. Alcohol induced hipsters! Incredible. I feel like I fit into that category at one point. ha I’m a fan, Kayla. You’re writing is outstanding. I mean it’s just my opinion but it’s the kind of writing that keeps you interested. Write a book. Do it.

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