Finding Balance (via a hazmat suit)

The potential of earning a paycheck and lessening the intensity of my money-induced panic attacks causes me to grossly overestimate what my mind and body can handle. So last week when I was offered a three-day stint in a hazmat suit for a little extra cash, I quickly accepted without much thought as to how it would fit in to my already busy bee of a work life. (And somehow the outfit didn’t serve as a deterrent either. God I would look good as a meth dealer.)

Being a card-carrying member of the promotional job market I often times agree to promote products or other such things I know nothing about. This time I was pushing the 3rd season of the television show Breaking Bad (involving a meth dealer thus the appropriate outfits)- one that I had never heard of before but will now most likely be hooked to like a multitude of other shows I DVR.

The cherry on top of this little adventure was that it took place outside the RV, Boat and Travel Show. Two of said days were on a Thursday and Friday- both prime days for the 60+ crowd to peruse the fantastic display of trailers and sign up for RV clubs. The problem? We were handing out free iTunes download cards to a massive group that either didn’t have computers or were blissfully unaware of what constituted a download in the first place. Oh the joy.

While the event served its purpose of paying off my debt to the IRS (yes, I blame taxes for the hazmat suit), my tendency to fill my plate with unnecessary obligations needs to stop. ASAP. My week was already filled to capacity with writing assignments and SLEEP when I said, “what’s one more thing?” Balance, I am learning, does not mean juggling twenty projects at once but only accepting the projects that I can complete without pulling out large chunks of my hair.

But where I used to BEG for new opportunities to float my way, I now feel as if I am firmly rooted in a stream of opportunity abundance. I am grateful that I have plenty of money-making jobs to choose from- now I just need to learn to say no. Or at least learn to only take the jobs with the attractive outfits.


6 responses

  1. So glad that oodles of opportunities are now coming your way – are they by way of the blog, or your other activities?

    Love the outfit – never heard of the show, I doubt it will make it’s way over to Australia somehow…!

    Poppy xox

    • Actually the blog definitely has jump started my writing career which is absolutely fantastic.

      Yes, the outfit was definitely….interesting. I do think its sort of an “under the radar” type of show. You can always check it out on dvd! 🙂

  2. AH! I’m in such the same place! Wanting so many opportunities to come my way and then all of a sudden they did and I’m like AHH but now I’m reconsidering my attitude and practicing gratitude. Hey, that rhymed. Awesome. Anyway, our lovely Chelsea and some chit chats with her on the topic largely spurred my change in perspective. I can choose to drown in workload or I can embrace opportunity and run with it. I’m also blessed to be able to say “no” sometimes also 🙂

  3. I am downright horrible at saying no. It’s something I’ve been working on though, and I have to say it gets a little bit easier each time. I hope you find the same.

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