Please Get Out of My Room…Thanks.

Cohabitation, in my “this is my space, please kindly remove yourself from it” mindset, has never been an idea that I snuggled up to. Not only does my sanity depend on the fact that I can remove myself from all other living, breathing, and talking beings, but my experience with roommates has been severely limited to family members who (I’m hoping) would never pour bleach on my clothes or steal my pricier belongings (I suppose I’m channeling the Bad Girls Club here…). I’m stubborn, picky, and am prone to noise induced panic attacks. Crazy? Just a bit.

While my post-high school living situation did include a brief stint with my honey in the deserts of California, I feel like in knowing our time together was limited (he was in the midst of shipping off to Iraq), I was able to not let (all) of my anxieties get the best of me. But this time, as I prepare for his homecoming and a 2nd move, cohabitation has taken on a kind of permanence that makes me giddy with excitement and sick to my stomach all at the same time. Our communication over the past 6+ months has been limited to skype chats, 3am text sessions, and facebook messaging…so how on earth can that be translated into bed sharing, chore sharing, and overall life sharing with the simple flip of a switch?

Although I’d like to site his lack of cleanliness and attachment to video games as the main reason for my concern, in truth I am dreading those issues that will point to me being the one that needs to shift, change, and cave just a little bit to let him in. Deep down I know that as long as I stay attached to my way of doing things and closed off to sharing anything in my space, the more I can convince myself that I am right and everyone else is WRONG.

Despite these little butterfly jitters, I have begun thrift and craft store shopping so that we can have a champagne inspired pad on a PBR budget. I’m convinced (since signing on to write for Calfinder) that this is absolutely possible. My first project that I have attempted to tackle: fixing up picture frames and removing the pictures circa 1999. Next up?….Not entirely sure.

Got any suggestions? Wine bottle candle holders, film strip curtains, I’m up for anything. Give me your best tips and I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product.


6 responses

  1. If you want nice furniture on a budget, build your own very easily and get the plans with measurements for free @ knock off wood.blogspot.
    You might just google knock off wood and you will be amazed at what you can build and the results for $150-$200 depending what you want to pay…Try that…

  2. I’ve been sprucing up all the old frames lately. Now I’m working on the backyard. I love diy but I think it’s partly because it’s the only thing that keeps me semi sane now. When you get out here we can thrift shop and craigslist search all you want!

  3. Nick and I sell a lot of things on craigslist. We also buy a lot on craigslist too. In Cali a lot of people use it and there are pretty good deals especially since it’s Cali. To be honest that is what is so fun about starting a life together is building a home. You both will need to conceed and compromise to the other, because if u don’t it will be hell and it won’t work. I also go to homegoods to find very good prices on decor, bath towels, rugs, sheets, kitchen items, and beautiful crystal vases and glassware. I mean litterally cheaper than target, for high end and quality products. It’s nice to spend a few months picking out items as they come along. Have faith that things are meant to be. Nick and I have been together for five years living together, and we still have to communicate to each other about personality differences and lifestyle preferences. You guys will have to communicate about this as soon as it starts to annoy or bother you. If you don’t talk to each other gently about your wishes or preferences it will fester inside and blow up and become a bigger deal than things really are. Also right now furniture places are doing really great finance packages that include five pieces and include a 55 inch flat screen t.v. We did that at rooms to go, and it was only 1900.00, but now they are doing it for about, 1000.00, with now interest for two years, which is really great right now. We got, sofa, love seat, chai with ottoman, coffe table, to end tables, and two lamps. It was the best thing we did. It a good investment for your home and future. If u want to talk about anything just give me a call girlie! I’m home all day with my bug. Oh and remember, James is stubborn as he’ll and you are more mature in some ways so you may have to conceed in the beginning until James understands his role as the man of the house hold. Nick can help in that dept. James has some learning to do when it comes to handling and his finesse with things. Love ya!

  4. I am the exact same way! I love how you said that you need to realize that you need to let go to let him in. I am so in the process of doing that right now. I’m a neat freak, and while my boyfriend isn’t incredibly messy, sometimes putting things away (like dirty dishes) isn’t a priority. Every so often, he’ll remind me to let go. And, I try to repeat that to myself every day. It’s a constant battle (not a vicious one) of my OCD versus his laid-back nature and a daily compromise. So far, so good. I think we’re reaching a point where we’re both comfortable. Good luck to you and your man.

    As for home decor, prioritization was key for us: where to invest and where to cut back. For example, having a good mattress was crucial for me, so we splurged, but then we didn’t get as nice of a bedroom set or living room furniture. Craigslist was our savior — we scoured it daily for items we wanted/needed. I like stores like Michael’s and Target for random knick-knacks.

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